Board of Advisors

Name Title Organization
Terry Ashe Executive Director TN Sheriff's Association Tennessee Sheriff's Association
Dr. William Bass Professor Emeritus, Anthropology Research Facility University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Dr. Brian Donavant Interim Executive Director Office of Educational Outreach  University of Tennessee, Martin, TN
Mark Gwyn Director Tennessee Bureau of Investigations
David Rausch Chief of Police Knoxville Poice Department
John Mehr Sheriff Madison County Sheriff's Office
Holly Latham Senior Forensic Scientist Kansas Bureau of Investigations
Michael Rallings Director Memphis Police Department
Justin Grogan President  Tennessee School Resources Officers
John Freeze Director Continuning Education University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN
Lisa Christian Chief Deputy Sullivan County Sheriff's Office
Hubert Smith Community Member Knoxville Community
Maggi Duncan Director Tennessee Assoc. Chief's of Police
Mike Sullivan Col. United States Army(Ret.) LEIC Director (Ret.) Law Enforcement Innovation Center, TN
Eric Watson Sheriff Bradley County Sheriff's Office
Dr. Herb Byrd Vice President University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service, Knoxville
Don Green Director Law Enforcement Innovation Center, Knoxville, TN


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