SRO Training

Basic SRO Training - 40 hours

In fall of 2013, LEIC worked with a panel of experts from across the state to develop and design a standardized, experiential learning basic SRO curriculum.  This class is delivered throughout the state annually to address the current needs of SROs.  This curriculum is updated each year, and brings in a wide variety of instructors and regional resources to help Tennessee SROs.  Watch our website for current SRO training offerings.

Cost: $250.00

Topics Covered: Roles and Responsibilities, Law Related Education, School Climates, Safety Procedures, Emergency Management, Active Shooter Tactics, Emotional Issues, Social Media and Technology, and Building Partnerships.

Those who attend will receive an SRO Certification.

To register go here: https://www.solutionpoint.tennessee.edu/TPOnline/TPOnline.dll/LEICHome/

Please note you will need to search using the keyword "SRO", click the location you wish to attend, click Register and create a new account.

For more information please email Emily Miller at emily.miller@tennessee.edu



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