Online Training

Our mission is to provide innovative and technologically based training and technical assistance (services) to law enforcement agencies and communities, meeting their ever changing needs as we move forward in the 21st century. This includes offering quality law enforcement training online. Our current offerings are listed below.

Supervising Crime Scene Investigators

The new release of the Supervising Crime Scene Investigators web-based class is now available. This web-based class is POST certified 5 hours and is a great training resource for supervisors or potential supervisors who would like to learn more about crime scene investigation. The course fee is $50.00. You can complete this course at your own pace and come and go from the course as you wish. There are five modules to complete, and an assessment at the end or the course.

Investigator Virtual Reality

The National Forensic Academy’s Investigator Virtual Reality (I-VR) is an interactive online training tool designed to provide crime scene investigation training to State and local forensic practitioners made available through a grant from the National Institute of Justice.

The participant works with a virtual instructor to learn how to use the virtual tools, the process, and the skills that are essential to crime scene management and evidence detection. Once the participant completes the virtual lessons, they can use the techniques presented to take on the role of a virtual crime scene investigator – collecting evidence and documenting a virtual crime scene.

Tennessee In-Service Training

These online courses are POST certified and available to law enforcement officers in Tennessee as part of their required in-service training each year.

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