Leadership Training


Our tiered approach to leadership development offers a comprehensive training program to emerging law enforcement leaders.


Leadership Courses

First-Line Supervision and Management - Basic (2 days)

This course will assist first-line supervisors in developing a better understanding of roles, accountabilities, and skills in supervision. First-line and middle management supervisors will learn how to empower their officers to solve problems and be accountable for their actions. Supervisors will learn to become coaches and mentors, and this course will lay the foundation for basic changes in supervisory skills.

Upcoming Courses:

Availabel here:  http://leic.tennessee.edu/registration

Email Greg Coker for further information, greg.coker@tennessee.edu

Advanced Leadership - (3 days)

This three day course will help the mid-level leader gain a better understanding of his/her leadership style.  Participants will learn the planning and decision making skills necessary to lead organizational change and transformation.  Participants will learn to avoid destructive group think by using effective conflict resolution techniques.  Participants will learn the importance of fostering a positive work environment to help with officers’ emotional survival.  Participants will learn the dynamics involved in leading a work environment that contains four generations.

Upcoming Courses:

Availabel here:  http://leic.tennessee.edu/registration

Email Greg Coker for further information, greg.coker@tennessee.edu

Southeastern Leadership Academy (SELA)

The Southeastern Leadership Academy (SELA) is a dynamic five-week law enforcement leadership and management program designed for progressive and innovative police managers who are aspiring into upper management positions. SELA prepares mid- and upper-level supervisory personnel for the increased responsibility of administrative command positions by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful leadership in their agencies and communities.

Email Greg Coker for further information, greg.coker@tennessee.edu

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Command Level Leadership

This class is the capstone of LEIC's leadership program.  It is held once annually and serves executive level law enforcement personnel. It is 24 hours POST approved. 

Contact Chris Jones for more information.  Chris.Jones@Tennessee.Edu



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